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Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd – Decontamination Policy

Collection of rental equipment:

Once a rental has ended the equipment is returned to our premises for decontamination
  • The 1st stage of decontamination is cleaning: this is the physical removal of contamination (blood, bodily fluids). During this process a decontamination detergent is used to manually clean the equipment. This is a very important part of the decontamination process and is always carried out to a high standard. Once completed a visual inspection will take place to ensure this is to the required standard before the next stage of the process is carried out.
  • The 2nd stage is disinfection: this is also carried out manually and must be performed before the sterilisation process takes place.
  • The 3rd stage is the sterilisation process: this is carried out using a high powered steam clean at a temperature of 100 degrees to ensure all micro-organisms and bacterial spores are destroyed.
After the decontamination process is complete the equipment is re-assembled, inspected and serviced. The equipment is then covered with a protective sheet and stored on our premises ready for despatch.

Delivery of rental equipment:

  • Prior to delivery, all equipment is visually inspected along with the integrity of the protective sheet to ensure maximum cleanliness whilst in transportation
  • Upon delivery at destination a rental agreement is signed which outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, this includes decontamination of all equipment before collection to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Upon collection of equipment we require a Collection and Decontamination note to be completed and signed (this includes questions about what the equipment has been exposed to and the decontamination process which has been carried out). If decontamination was not carried out prior to collection our technicians will conduct a safe way of transporting the equipment back to our premises without cross contamination.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitised after collecting rental equipment: this is always carried out before they are used to transport clean equipment.
  • A record of decontamination is maintained for each piece of equipment which includes confirmation of regular servicing and safety checks.

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