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transfer slide boards
transfer slide board
ultra transfer slide board
duo transfer slide board

transfer slide boards

transfer slide
The low friction surface of the transfer slide allows for a smooth effortless transfer. The advanced construction gives a rigid surface that will withstand weights up to 127kg (20st) without bending and yet is extremely lightweight and easy to pick up and carry. The plastic construction of the transfer slide gives a wipe-clean surface that will not splinter or deteriorate in use.

ultra transfer slide
The ultra transfer slide has the same benefits as the transfer slide, with the addition of a pair of handling loops which give a secure, comfortable grip and allows a patient to pull themselves across the surface of the slide without trapping their fingers underneath.

duo transfer slide
Available with or without handles, the unique design of the duo transfer slide allows for an angled transfer as well as a straight transfer from one seated position to another. The handgrips at either end of the deluxe model give the user a means of pulling themselves across the smooth surface while at the same time ensuring the Duo transfer slide is located during the transfer.

Available Sizes for Purchase Only
transfer slide 66cm x 20cm and 20st/127kg swl
ultra transfer slide 66cm x 20cm and 20st/127kg swl
duo transfer slide
Features Benefits
Low friction surface Smooth, effortless transfers.
Strong but lightweight Can withstand patients up to 20st without bending yet is easily transportable.
Handles Available on the ultra transfer slide and the duo transfer slide to give the patient a comfortable grip to pull themselves along the board.
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